In over 10 years of activities, before as an association and now as a foundation, openpolis carried out
a number of initiatives and activities. Our several fields of action allowed us to become experts in many areas.

We follow the entire data-chain

We extract data from different sources
Gathering it into a single infrastructure
We connect the data, and update it
We analyze and monitor social and political phenomena
We produce and distribute articles and investigations
We foster democratic and civic participation


Data driven web applications

Design, development, creation and management of platforms for the visualization of data. This means gathering, cleaning, managing and distributing data through a number of applications in order to make them comprehensible and explorable to citizens.


Acts, motions, bills, votes and detailed information on the activity of deputies and senators of the italian parliament. The best tool for italian citizens to monitor parliamentary activities 24/7. Go to the site


Every single municipal budget from the past 10 years of Italy’s over 8.000 municipalities. Visualizations, charts and tools to compare cities to analyze political management and evaluate financial decisions. Go to the site

Data and investigative journalism

We use data to tell stories and carry out data journalism investigations of public interest.

Observatory on educational poverty in Italy

Local territorial data from different public sources gathered into a single database in order to generate original, relevant and data-based analyses regarding italian cities (social inequalities, educational poverty and much more). A weekly data journalism piece investigating educational poverty in Italy. In partnership with Con i bambini. Find out more

Observatory on Italy’s refugee welcoming system

In partnership with ActionAid Italia we mapped the structures that currently host refugees and asylum seekers in Italy. We did this by analysing public procurements and contracts, and by quantifying the amount of public money actually being spent. Find out more

Observatory on development aid

We monitor Italy’s expense on official development aid. How and where Italy’s finances project to fight poverty, but also initiatives to control borders and the management of migrants and refugees. In partnership with Oxfam. Find out more

Observatory on parliamentary activity

A monthly analysis on the trends and numbers of the legislative productions of the Italian parliament. Statistics on the current situations, as well as comparisons with past governments and political majorities. In collaboration with Agi. Find out more

Data literacy

We believe in increasing public awareness and consciousness on the functioning of data in today’s world, and what the use of our data by online digital companies implies.

Data culture

Articles and investigations on our society, and its relationship with data. The organization of seminars and meetings to better understand how the concept of citizenship is changing, and give tools to improve the common understanding of how data works, and the implications of its use in our world. Find out more

Political propaganda and online ads

A more widespread understanding of how online advertising works, and how it is used for political purposes. We believe in a more knowledgeable community, and in having better legislation for such a critical aspect of political campaigns and electoral periods. Find out more

Watchdog campaigns and data activism

In our ongoing analysis of political power, we carry out transparency campaigns in order to improve the comprehension of political decision and public institutions. We do this by engaging and mobilizing citizens through civic actions and data activism initiatives.


The importance of transparency and accountability in the relationship between citizens and institutions. We monitor political power, and we carry out campaigns to better understand its funtioning. Find out more

Access to information – Foia

We were part of team that campaigned in Italy for the approval of a Freedom of information act.
Find out more

Data-activist community

Readers as one of the many elements that are part of the openpolis foundation. The creation of community-driven journalism, which puts readers at the heart of editorial decisions and the enrichment of data.


It is important for us to share data, tools and expertise in order to create new projects with other organizations in Italy and elsewhere

The networks

European Data Journalism Network

EDJN is an independent platform for data-driven news on European affairs.Over 20 organizations from all over Europea, with content being produced in several languages and open source. Go to the site

European Data Journalism Network

Global Investigative Journalism Network

GIJN is the world’s leading international association of investigative reporting organizations, now with 177 member organizations in 76 countries. Membership is open to nonprofits and equivalent groups that work in support of investigative journalism. Go to the site

Global Investigative Journalism Network

Popolo Project

Openpolis, in partnership with the world’s most important and known members of the civic hacking community, contributes to the development and management of the Popolo Project. The initiative works on the creation of common standards for the exchange and reuse of data regarding elected legislative assemblies as well as political representatives. Go to the site