openpolis foundation

We collect data

to produce quality information useful to the community.
A public and open repository, enriched and updated daily.
We created the openpolis foundation to put all of this in
the hands of the community, institutions, journalists
and researchers,
as well as political and civic activists.
We intend it as a collective, independent and non profit journey.



We live in the era of

Every aspect of life is transformed into data


Every aspect of life is transformed by data


The way this data is produced, stored, analyzed, interpreted and used determines in a decisive way our consumptions, the news, as well as our jobs, incomes, safety, relations, affections, rights and liberties.


The fields of action expand, the possibilities to intervene multiply.


Everything moves at such a speed that it becomes impossible to control the direction, know what is happening and how.

We are the source of data.

As individuals and as a collectivity, we are the ones producing data.

Therefore in some ways we are the data.

At the same time, this data is ours.




We analyze data regarding power, politics, economy, territories and local communities.
We use technology to gather, study and distribute data.
We produce information as online applications, in-depth stories, investigations, maps, words and numbers.
We demand access to data and information through public campaigns and activism.

We follow the entire data-chain

We extract data from different sources
Gathering it into a single infrastructure
We connect the data, and update it
We analyze and monitor social and political phenomena
We produce and distribute articles and investigations
We foster democratic and civic participation


We are interested in critical thinking and non orthodox observations.
More than anything we need to meet people, share competencies, mix experiences, plan future journeys and weave new communities together.


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We see technology and data as digital commons.


Digital commons to grow, use and give back to the community. Using methods and priorities established and monitored by the community itself. We create open source softwares, as well as open data and contents,
By deciding to be a foundation different subjects (public administrations, associations and private entities) work together to assure the independence and autonomy of the project by choosing to promote non profit activities.
The financial sustainability is achieved by the contribution of the co-founders, donations, partnerships with other entities and the participation of individuals and groups.



The promoters Vittorio Alvino, Guglielmo Celata, Ettore Di Cesare, Vincenzo Smaldore continue the 10 year long journey of the openpolis Association, by bringing along its heritage of projects and collected data. The openpolis foundation is the continuation of this journey.

The other founders are:
EtiPublica, Fondazione per il Cambiamento, Gran Sasso Science Institute e Matteo Fago..

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